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I am in the process of a huge makeover for this site. Bear with me while I check through all the pages and links, and get them all working again. I will be adding new pages and taking some pages away. I have had this website for a few years and I feel a change is needed.

Come on in and visit, and let me know what you think.

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karma will get you


Things I have learned from personal experience:
Be careful what you wish for
Be specific about what you want.

Sometimes a fork in the road simply means that it's time to stop for lunch and ruminate about life's troubles all over a wholesome meal.

Like the Phoenix Rising, I have risen from the ashes of death, to experience a new life. I see everything through new eyes.

I have learned all new priorities.

I have seen there is great love and magick in this world. I will love and harm none. I will live, love, die, and live again. I will meet, remember, know, and embrace once more.

I believe that a lot of us have done this together before. We should fulfil the cycle of love and go with the intuition that we know someone, follow the voice inside you. The hard part is learning to trust that intuition. That's why we need to take the time for meditation and learning to let our subconscious speak to us for a while, so we can get used to listening to it.

I do believe that we are all so connected, that even the slightest movement by one, causes a vibration in the web that is felt by all eventually.

Until we meet again.

Don't forget the Rule of Three!
"May whatever you do, come back to you.
Three times bad or three times good."

Countess Prax Tarot

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