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Tarot Readings
with Countess Prax

Do you have questions about your life? Want to know if you are on the right path, with the right person, or working at the right job? Tarot can help us understand which direction we should take. If you want to know these things or just see what advice the cards have for you, just contact me and we'll see what they have to say.

Tarot is a set of 78 cards that have been used for centuries. It is unclear exactly where they originated from, there are many differing thoughts on the subject. Tarot is a wonderful tool. It leads us to think about things that we should pay attention to. It helps you understand yourself better, and can be used as a tool for personal growth.

I have been working with the Sacred Circle Tarot deck for many years and would like to offer a free one-card reading so you can sample what the cards have to say to you.

If you would like a more in-depth reading, all I ask is a donation to help us feed and care for our registered feral cat colony . We participate in the Trap, Neuter, and Return program with Animal Coalition of Tampa Bay . All proceeds go toward the feeding and health care of the cats. No donation is too small.

If you would like to donate for a more in-depth reading, please click on the "Donate" button below and complete the transaction. After that you should be brought back to this page where you can complete the form below. Be sure to click that you donated for a reading so I will know what you are requesting, otherwise I will just do a one card reading. If you just want the one card free reading, check that area. Just fill out the form and I will get back with you within 24 hours. (That also goes for the donation readings as well.) If you haven't heard back from me within 24 hours, please send me an email at just to make sure I received your request.


Thank you for visiting, and Blessings to you!


Our Feral Cats

I am currently working on a page featuring our kitties so you can see who you are helping!

Tarot Reading

E-mail me with your request, your date of birth (The year is optional), and question, if you have one. Or I can just pull a card to see what it has to say to you.

Countess Prax

This page is in memory of

Mr. Prax
(5 May 2002 to 4 December 2009)


(unknown 1999 to 19 August 2010)

and to all the cats that we have lost.


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